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a legal drug made out of plant fertiliser. as with all drugs all people take to it differently. but common effects are; high energy, talking stupid amounts of rubbish and a high euphoric sensation.
man i took 6 lines of white magic last night and told these random strangers about when my dog died when i was 9, my feelings on the haiti earthquake and what i like to do in the bath, whilst we were waiting on the bus. i just couldnt shut up
by lexii408 February 24, 2010
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(n.)A high grade marijuana that is grown by using a hydroponic lighting system and by adding cocain in the water used to feed the plant.
"White magic is hard to find where I live."
by The Poems of Sorrow July 03, 2005
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White Magic
n. 1. A term for magic used by a White Mage. adj. 1. A term used to describe a sort of mage or person.
(n.) 1. Watch out for the white magic.
(adj.) 1. She's a white magic woman.
by Cyclone231 April 22, 2004
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A type of magic/witchcraft used by a good witch (white witch) who uses it for good purposes only
Yes she is a witch, but she is a good one and she uses white magic, the good kind.
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by Idk I am me August 23, 2017
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