adjective that can mean really awesome, totally wack, or extremely disgusting.
You sickass monkey.

I downloaded this totally sickass song
by Jennifer March 13, 2004
1. Verb: A depraved act in which one extends his or her middle finger, dips it in mixture of lemon juice, hot sauce and Borax brand powdered bleach, rolls it in broken glass, and shoves it violently into the victim's asshole. Preferably while they sleep.
Joya wouldn't shut up about the windshield on her car, so I snuck into her house at 2am and slipped her The Sickass.
by Joe_M2 August 30, 2006
Another term for Diarrhea

Origin of term: Scranton, Pennsylvania. circa 2017 by Brandon C
“Did you like that Mexican Food we had last night? “
“Yeah, it was delicious, but it gave me sickass all morning today.”
by ThisGuy3044 June 18, 2022
Someone with high socks and always down for everything and anything during any type of situation.
Guy: why does he have such high socks and always starting stuff?

Lalowkks: cuz he’s a sickass foo
by @Lalowkks October 10, 2022