Thinking of a minimum wage job as sub-serviant work, or of the people you work for/with as slave drivers is called whining. At a minimum wage job you don't get paid much but you do get paid something. Nobody likes a minimum wage job, but whiners haven't had to be anything closer to sub-serviant than anybody else who worked a minimum wage job.
At least you get paid, people who didn't get paid for doing work as kids aren't whining about it.
by Marv E. Lousy May 15, 2019
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Never letting somebody hear the end of your griping.
Police officer- If you call 911 one more time complaining about some guy hitting you or being abusive, you're gonna be in big trouble ma'am.
Whining girl- It's funny now that it's over isn't it?
Police Officer- Nobody thinks you're funny anymore Percy. If your daddy wasn't the warden, we could stop spending so much of our time locking people up over stupidity.
by Marv E. Lousy February 22, 2021
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