An excuse used by shitty people to deny ownership or knowledge of their bad qualities. Can also be used to devalue and avoid change or responsibility over what the other person said to them. In either case, the speaker feigns surprise at these "new" and "unexpected" things they are being told.

Translates directly into "you've taken all my shit before, why the sudden backbone?" and/or "I've known this for awhile, but why bring it up now?"
Ellie: You lie to my face and behind my back, we only hang out when you need something, you ditch me the second you get a boyfriend and come running back the second he leaves you, and you give me your clothes that are too tight and then tell people you gave them to me because they were too big. You're a bad friend, and I'm so done with you.
Christie: Whoah, where is this coming from?

Dan: We've been friends for a long time and obviously you know I like you because I go above and beyond the call of duty of friendship, so now that you're single, maybe we can go on a date?
Jamie: A date? Like romantic? But you're my friend. Where is this coming from?
by WordsmithOwl August 7, 2016
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Hamsters come from
when a daddy hamster and a mommy hamster love each other VERY much...
"by the way, where do hamsters come from?"
by very_awkward_mommy_hamster January 18, 2017
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A child's way of questioning their parents in a semi-awkward way about things that only the child wants to talk about.
Kid: Mom where do babies come from?

Mom: Well, you see when two people love each other very much...

Kid: *smiles* Go on, Mommy.
by ☆♡Ally♡☆ December 27, 2017
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Its a question many children ask their parents. The answer varies depending on they way they want their child to know...

Child: Mommy? Where do babies come from?
Parent: Well Suzie, when one boy fish and a girl fish love each other very much.....

by Rissy December 29, 2005
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The one question that every parent dreads to answer for their five year old child.

Since kids at this age are so damn persistant and you can't simply drop it without them bugging the shit out of you for the next twenty hours, parents fabricated this "Stork" story in order to divert the truth about the birds and the bees for another ten years.
Child: Mommy, where do babies come from?
Mom: Well Billy, one day, a stork brought you to us, and we were very happy.
Child: So, I came from a stork?
Mom: That's right. Now go bug your father.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 15, 2008
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The one question your 5 year old will ask you about until you lose your shit and you can't handle it no more
nibba: where do babies come from?
Mom: shut the fuck up
by Veggies/ Dirt March 2, 2018
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This question is a famous question asked by little boys and girls. When asked this question, play it safe and answer, "The bull cow takes his giant dick and shoves it in the girls cows fat pussy until he cums all over inside. Let nature takes it course, and after 9 months, if the bull didn't where protection like the girl said to, they have an mistake to deal with."
"Where do cows come from mommy?" said little Angelina.
"How the fuck would I know?! Now go do your fucking homework bitch." said mommy.
by Where the frogs February 25, 2017
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