by CassyBoi May 14, 2021
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An interrogative word to determine time.
When did you find that goat?
by bill December 16, 2002
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1. Conditional, based upon time, event, or circumstances.

2. Slang, specific to junk mail advertising lotteries and sweepstakes to persuade as many duh-weebs as possible who haven't even entered a sweepstakes that they have already won: "if".
1. When you finish your chores, you may play; when it's dark, come inside.

2. You are guaranteed to win at least $250,000 when you return the winning number to us. (The fact that the recipient does not have the winning number, so he may as well go fly a kite, is not expressed.)
by Downstrike October 18, 2004
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1) Question preceeding referring to time.
2) Expressed by classy people as an alternative to 'stop', particularly when involving amounts of drink or food.
1) John: I resolved to be less of a tit.
Amazing guy: When are you going to start?
John: Fuck do I know
2) Mindy: How many sugars?
Gremlin: I don't know
Mindy: Then you better say when...
by Josh Turnbull June 29, 2005
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me the when the when is the is the when the when
person 1:"do u is am yes"
person2:"me when the when"
by me nub May 1, 2021
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When The
When The
by InaudibleJet May 17, 2020
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