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Noun: (Zohm-bees)
Commonly confused as brain suckers. These originated from the religion of Voodoo. They are the dead brought back to life only in the body, while the soul is in torment. The only reason they walk the earth is to bite the living, who, once bitten also become a zombie. They are usually formed from a curse on a living person, who once dead will become one.
Zombies? This is one hell of a bad trip...
Zombie: Can I eat your spleen
Living guy: No, fuck off
Zombie: Oh... sorry.
by Josh Turnbull June 6, 2005
noun (Nahch): The best corporate brand of cider from Somerset, or in fact anywhere in the world. 5% alcohol content and the best dry flavour possible, contributing towards the amazingness of this drink.
Normal person: Hey, want some blackthorn?
Well-mannered person: No, I don't drink poison, I drink Natch
by Josh Turnbull June 26, 2005
Noun (mee-durh) origin: Bristol, GB (after the area Southmead)
Used to define a wide range of people who come from a lower form of life (in Hindu culture usually referred to as Untouchables). These people should all be murdered brutally, or they will destroy all the norms. They commonly use words such as 'jitter' to describe anyone else other than them, because they have no brain capacity to relate to different people. They will often be found sitting in parks drinking white lighting or smoking grass (the actual stuff, not canabis) and listening to mainstream urban music (which quite frankly is bollocks) rather than the actual good alternative hip-hop. The tend to think that what is in the charts is talent (the cause of this phenomenon - Chart Music Good, or CMG - is as yet unknown). They will often be seen riding scooters or mopeds for some reason thinking it is acceptable to think that they are being 'cool'. They try to scare common people by being complete knobends and texting endlessly because they are too fat to make proper conversation. These people should be treated with extreme caution before being tied up and gassed.
'Why are you shagging your sister, you fucking meader'
'WHAT?!?!? Jimi Hendrix? Wrist slitting music? You would prefer WHAT? DANCE?!?!? GET AWAY FROM ME YOU INFERNAL MEADER!!!'
'Who's the meader swinging on the gallows pole today?'
by Josh Turnbull April 29, 2005
noun (shpohung-ul) Possibly the best Psytrance/Goa band ever. They consist of two members: Raja Ram and Simon Posford. They are heavily influenced by world music, which Raja Ram is in charge of bringing, often recording flute lines etc and then having them edited and added to by Posford's technical genius.
Posford by himself is simply known as Hallucinagen, which is good, but not nearly as well done as Shpongle.

Please don't use the word in a obscene way.
The band have three albums, and have announced that that is all from them. Of the three albums (Are you Shpongled?, Tales of the Inexpressible and Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost), their last is said to be the pinnacle of trance amazingness. It sounds more like one huge anthem rather than an album, with only two (apparently) external samples, proving that they really do have talent.
Ted: You wanna go see Shpongle tonight?
Bill: No, sorry man, I've got an assignment to be doing.
Ted: Fair enough. See you tomorrow.
Bill: Aww, fuck it, I'll come.
Ted: Excellent. Bring beer.
Bill: I thought you had loads.
Ted: I do, but everyone's bringing some.
Bill: Oh... wicked. ...Carling ok?
by Josh Turnbull September 25, 2006
noun (Rayj-ohv-fyur-ie): Commonly preceeded by 'i am going to jump out of the window in a'. Usually used in a moment of extreme anger or in a similar context.
I am now going to jump out of the window in a fury rage

(french literal translation) I am now going to of the window in a fury rage.
by Josh Turnbull June 29, 2005
That little part of your brain that will hear or think of something hilarious but inappropriate, which will act as its ignition. It is then powered by your attempts to ignore it, and will accelerate, never reaching a terminal speed and only stopping when you blurt out whatever thought started it at the worst possible moment. It is related - but not linked to - that part of your brain that inexorably broadcasts horrific images to the rest of your brain at inconvenient times, for example: images of corpses while eating, images of your mum during sex etc.

Called 'man motor' because there is no evidence of this phenomenon ever occurring in females.
Your idiot thoughts during a funeral: Hey, that dude who was killed in a horrific car accident at the age of 25's wife's face kinda looks like a pan-fried vagina.

Man motor: *click! whirr...* Yep, pan-fried vagina. Probably should tell someone that.

That one part of your brain responsible for - and completely incapable of - inhibition: No, that's horrible.

Man Motor: *Whirrrrrrrrrrrr...* Nah, go on, it'll be funny. You love causing egregious grief.

Inhibition: No, Man Motor, no.

Man Motor *WHHIIRRRRRRRR...* Come on, you don't know how people will react, they might like it.

Inhibition: Please stop trying to-



Everyone: *mortified gasps*

You, at the behest of your Man Motor: So... Anyone wanna fuck?
by Josh Turnbull June 7, 2010
noun (Sum-ehr-seht): The best county in England and the origin of cider and the word grrt (meaning great or large). Never should the word be used to describe cock, seeing as the people are the possibly the best people on the planet, bar Jamaicans.
Going to Somerset? They do good home-brewed cider, if that tempts you?
by Josh Turnbull June 26, 2005