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A high pitched whistling sound made when a joke knocks your socks off.
laugh giggle wheeze
by wheezus August 13, 2016
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to mooch, take advantage of, or enjoy without proper consent
1. one might "wheeze the juice" while drinking slurpee straight from the nozle
2."if you're all edged cuz i'm WHEEZIN off your grindage just chill" = if your upset cuz i'm moochin off of you, relax.
by cibyl June 20, 2003
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Originally used as the all-purpose adjective, this word has morphed into a synonym for 'awkward', ‘strange’, and ‘funny’. It can be used to describe uncomfortable social situations and the like.
1. The way John stands so close to you when he talks is so wheeze!

2. Have you noticed how wheeze Monica becomes when she talks about her ankles?

3. Person one just finished discribing an awkward event.
Person two: Wheeze, man!

4. This caserole tastes a little wheeze, Grandma. Did you follow the recipie?
by Syph Stevens January 24, 2007
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Refering to a story or to be told something. Used in various contexts, for example:
What's the wheeze? (whats the story?)
Thats a nasty wheeze. (Thats an unfortunate situation)
He wheezed me about what happened. (He told me about what happened)
by greasy23 July 05, 2006
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Nickname for a girl who is know to her friends and people around her as amazing, beautiful, sexy and has a body that any man would kill for
Dude 1: You hittin it with Wheeze?
Dude 2: HELL YEAH!!
by Scruffy Joe February 13, 2008
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