1. food
2. the all-mighty pauly shore made this one.
1.cool chillin betty nugz bro, marley the joint and bust the grindage
2.most excellent grindage my friend.
by cuco October 5, 2003
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- Slang for food; i.e. snacks chow
"I'm hurtin' for some grindage." (I am hungry)
by El Choch April 20, 2006
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grindage -- noun -- from grind meaning "to eat" -- (1) any food or drink (2) a meal
You wanna hit up McD's for some grindage?
by Kozak November 24, 2003
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to "get some grindage"to get some food.
lets go get some grindage im starving
by brian buswell December 4, 2007
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typical term queers use for food.
The 703 boys ate some good grindage last night.
by Revealing Thetruth March 11, 2010
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The act of having a female rub her ass up against a males crotch
dude, last night, it was like total grindage at that party
by sbsmn April 21, 2006
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referring to an event when two people of the opposite sex (in some cases there are exceptions) start grinding in a public place, when they infact, SHOULD NOT BE. most likely, everyone is staring at them because they are weird not because they think they are a cut couple.
megan: "ewww me god we survived the grindage!"
caroline: "ohh emm gee we should make shirts!"
by kazoomafoo June 4, 2005
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