a motorcycle stunt done by riding on one wheel while the other is raised in the air.
by Light Joker November 30, 2005
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The coolest trick ever. It's easy to do, and the ladies will swoon when they see you doing it. You get in your car, or on your bike and go really fast. Then you go extra fast and lift the front end off the ground and ride like that for a little while... the longer the better.
I was going really fast in my Volvo the other day, and I popped a wheelie. Then Rosie O'Donnell asked me for my phone number. Whoo hoo!
by mommyithertz September 29, 2004
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Urban vernacular for describing a male erection. In other words, the penis rises much like the front end of a motorcycle during a "wheelie".

Also see woody
Yo man. Ole girl got some skillz. She waz allup on me and I popped a wheelie strong. My d@#k was harda den brain surgery.
by GilFromTheHill March 11, 2005
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A derogatory term for a person who uses a wheelchair.
A: "Check out that wheelie over there! Ha ha!"

B: *groan* "You know, that could just as easily be you."
by Jason L. April 15, 2005
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When you’re having sex with a girl in the doggy position and pull her up by the hair or neck, thereby causing her hands to come off the bed.
Jenna is into some freaky shit my nigga. Last night she made me give her the wheelie.
by chinatown January 30, 2018
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Raising the front wheel of a motorcycle due to rapid acceleration, can also be done on a bicycle by simply lifting the front wheel by pulling on the handle bars. Fairly simple trick but if done wrong can lead to a nasty fall. The bike will also be hard to control while the front wheel is in the air.
Trying to show off by doing a wheelie cause him to veer off the road and hit a parked car.
by sometreehugging liberal June 30, 2016
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"You give Wheelie sass? He will kick your ass."- tfwiki
by Kantorex February 13, 2021
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