(English) To manipulate a situation to your advantage using crafty means.
(Ebonics) To play da gizzame like Dr. J play basketball.
Watch out for that bitch, nigga, she knows how to wheel and deal. Ho'll hit you up for all yo' skrilla.
by Nick D February 8, 2004
do some seedy business dealings
"God, I have got to pay my rent. I guess this calls for desperate measures.
I better get on the phone and do some wheeling and dealing"
by funnygirlwithsmallnose October 8, 2004
The art of hustling, particularly in a rushed or busy fashion.
Bob was wheeling and dealing around town to make a rent check.
by 🐺 November 2, 2017
A term describing when a man will flirt with one of the opposite sex.

Term Coined in Wayne's World II (1993)
Drake, quite Wheeling and Dealing that Chick!
by A Real Stouffer May 22, 2008
A situation in which one dude asks his friend, "If you drive I'll pay for the cover charges"....
"dude if ""You wheel I deal?".. because you were wasted last night.
by vinman59 April 13, 2021