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Julius Erving, a Hall of Fame basketball player. Dr. J played college basketball at UMass and then went to the American Basketball Association where he played for the Virginia Squires and New York Nets. When the ABA and NBA merged, onerous financial conditions placed on the Nets forced them to sell the rights to Dr. J to the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom he had a fantastic career until his retirement in 1987.

Among other feats, in the 1976 ABA All Star Game during the first slam dunk contest Dr. J dunked the ball after leaping from the free throw line.
Dr. J was one of the great players from the American Basketball Association who also dominated in the NBA.
by PMax March 09, 2008
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Pronounced DR. Jay.
Stands for Dual Reverse Jackhammer.

The act of two gay men having anal sex with one another at the same time. This difficult position is achieved with one male on his back with his pelvis towards the ceiling. His partner stands over him in a almost scissor position as to be able to penetrate each other simultaneously.

Several key factors go into a successful accomplishment of this feat. 1. Anus to penis distance. 2. Penis length. 3. Penis flexibility and stamina. 4. Testical size, as longer testicals can be held out of the way.

Pulling this Holy Grail position off is to sex, as a hole in one is to golf.
Dude! Did you hear?!?! Jim was able to pull a DRJ with that guy he picked up in the club last night!!!!!
by GP1310 January 07, 2021
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Another term for anal sex, inspired by Julius Erving's signature basketball move.
When driving towards the goal, Dr. J would often jump parallel with the baseline. While in the air, he would reach around and jam the ball into the rim from behind the backboard. His method of entry from the rear became his signature move, which resulted in him receiving much attention from women, which resulted in Dr. J (allegedly) entering said women from the rear. They loved it.
Guy 1: I heard Gabe bought an authentic Dr. J jersey on Ebay today. What's up with that?
Guy 2: He had anal sex with a woman last night. He jammed it in from behind like Dr. J. Straight up Dr. J'ed her. The Dr. J jersey is like the scarlet letter, only the opposite.
by CharlieBroccoli May 01, 2011
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The act of perfoming an incredible feat then screaming "Dr.J!!!!!!!!"
O hell ya i just made a half court shot. Dr.J!!!!!!!!!!
by fritty22 January 06, 2011
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