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(verb) To kill off the most lovable b-list characters in your movies / tv shows.
Firefly: Wash, Shepard
Avengers: Agent Coulson

"I want to see that movie, but I don't want it to be Whedon'd."
by BJammin May 04, 2012
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The last name of the man who created the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. He's also done movie stuff, like writing Toy Story.
"Wow, Joss Whedon is a really cool dude. Where does he come up with all these awesome ideas for shows?"
by Abby July 01, 2004
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Verb: To pull a Whedon is to drink 5 beers before 10 AM then get in a car to go on a 2 hour ride only to find your self surrounded in your own bodily acids minutes after departure.

Noun: one who throws up in the back seat of a car while on I64 (debating on whether or not to tell the driver for a good 5 minutes) A Whedon then proceeds to strip to her bloomers on the side of the road and stuff her puke soaked clothes in with her clean clothes. (A true Whedon will throw up again 30 minutes later.)Later a Whedon will shower in some old ladies soiled shower.
girl 1: OMG look at the drunk ass bitch on the side of the road with no clothes on
girl 2: what a whedon!

Girl 1: i whedoned yesterday
girl 2: thats embarrasing!
by fook February 10, 2005
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oath like creature Fat and bald
fond of the sharbar
whedon, daniel

popular word derived from the famous drunken anticts of a british citizen.
that whedon is a bloody idot
by james francis December 28, 2003
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