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Something you might say after you say something to someone and they say 'what?' and you don't know what they said what at.
Me: Hey yesterday I cycled my bike out the roof and then landed on top of my math teacher. It was painful but funny.
Someone else: What?!
Me: What are you whatting at?
by BLOODY REVENGE July 30, 2005
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The act of what/ To question a question
Me: "Have you ever wondered if you bought the same milk from the same cow?"
Friend: "What??"
Me: "What exactly are you whatting about? I'm the one who asked a question first."
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by JP Mendoza September 03, 2017
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The act of saying what; after someone says something.

Most often used when you want to be the word you are "whatting"
PERSON ONE: Bro, did you see that new Minions of the Caribbean movie

Person Two is whatting the word "new," so they are stating they are the word, "new."
by I NEVER LEFT.... WHAT November 09, 2017
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