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Acronym for "Thank God For the Internet." A play on TGIF where the speaker expresses relief or happiness at the immediacy and accessibility of information of the Internet where it didn't previously exist.
1. My office mate and I couldn't agree if Woody Allen was still alive... well TGFI! We looked it up and he's alive!
2. There's no way I could've ever tiled my bathroom floor myself. TGFI, I found a video that showed me how!
by buckedchuck January 2, 2017
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Email send under the influence of beer (or alcohol generally).
That mail I sent to the team asking for interview tips was a bad call. Worst beermail I've ever sent.
by buckedchuck May 6, 2010
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Play on what the hell or WTF. Apparently coined by Tina Fey's Liz Lemon character on the tv sitcom 30 Rock. Somewhat sarcastic poke at tv language censor dubbing where over-dubbed audio often uses lame alternatives the actual swear word. What the fuck you motherfucker would be dubbed "What the frick you motherlover?!?"
Dude1: I just heard Michael Jackson died, Farrah Fawcett died and China blocked Twitter and Facebook. Too much! I can't believe it!
Dude2: Whao, what the what?!
by buckedchuck July 8, 2009
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A homosocial situation where one male is attracted to another, but the latter doesn't necessarily reciprocate this attraction. Precedes bromance, and may not result in a mutual brolationship.
Mitchell fondly and openly talked about his brocrush Paul; sadly, Paul was never aware of these affections.
by buckedchuck April 17, 2009
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