This is a term used when you have beaten someone by 4 clear scores in any game,

in football by 4 goals,in american football 4 touchdowns, in pool by 4 balls,etc
also used in computer games

leading the dispatched person to be humiliated and most likely cry like a little girl before wetting himself.
Cardew- " wow i just dispatched you 5 - 1 with France against Italy, I rule"

James- "o god i know, i am so tall and crap, and you are clearly the master. My world is crumbling down around me. "

Cardew- "please leave you are getting piss all over my floor, you lady!"
by vascular February 10, 2006
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An extremely great band who created excellent songs such as "The General", "Bats in the Belfry", "Two Coins", and "Out Loud", just to name a few. They had great success without being signed to a major label, and unfortunately, broke up when they received an offer from Universal Records in July 2004. They held a free concert in Boston, hoping for only 50 000 fans, however over 110 000 people showed up for this concert. It is trully a shame that this extremely talented group of people shall never more create the music that they once did.
Heres to Dispatch, one of the greatest bands to have graced this Earth!
by WR-#19 December 31, 2005
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The greatest group ever, formed in 1996 by the former members of One Fell Swoop. A special breed of a "tri-vocal funkified reggae/country jam band". They released 3 Lps, an Ep, and a live album.
Holy shit, Ted told me to listen to Dispatch... It kicks ass! That guy on UrbanDictionary was right!
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 17, 2004
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Successful underground accoustic/funk rock trio. Sold over 200,000 albums nationwide on their independent label (Bomber Records).
Brad Corrigan (Braddigan)- vocals, drums, guitar, percussion
Chad Urmston (Chetro)- vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Pete (Francis) Heimbold- vocals, bass, guitar
by jen August 11, 2003
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possibly the greatest band to have ever walked this earth. pete francis heimbold, (repete) chad urmston (chetro) and brad corrigan (braddigan)
dispatch is better than you
by catherine March 23, 2005
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One who dispatches calls. Usually has a tough look and takes no B.S. from no one. The captain of the ship, if you will. The one in charge.
Man, that Tim guy is so bad ass. He should be our dispatcher for the evening.
by 17willienilly9 January 22, 2009
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a) to answer 911 calls by sending police units... (dispatcher)
b) to put to death, kill
if you dont leave this premises, I'll dispatch you with extreme prejudice
by FRANK March 28, 2005
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