A female who is stupid and also a whore.
Alex: Hi John. Why is your wife such a stupid whore?

John: Good question.
by Balls B. Hanging November 28, 2018
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You guys are so silly saying that stupid whore is limited by gender. It isn't. I'm a stupid whore and I'm a man. Basically being a stupid whore is a state of mind. Stupid whores are those who frequently make mistakes, are impulsive, and tend to be whorish. So yeah, me.
James is such a stupid whore. He blew three guys last night and then spent all of his paycheck at a diner.
by jeauseph June 29, 2021
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1.) Someone who will fuck anything that walks.

2.) Someone who has 4 kids by the age of 20.

3.) A fucking worthless peice of shit.
Damn that stupid whore bag is trying to fuck everyone in the school
by Dirty Randy 42069 January 6, 2018
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The worst of all insults. only the stupidest, bitchiest and whoreiest of all people can be called Stupid Bitch Whore.
Bob: Hey Bill i met this girl named Anny.
Bill: Dude don't even bother, she's a stupid bitch whore.
by El Bob Dole April 21, 2009
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In a word: Paris Hilton.

(Come's from the South Park episode Stupid Spoiled Whore)
Girl1-Paris Hilton is such a whore.
Girl2-No, she's a stupid spoiled whore!

by ThaBigCheesy October 24, 2010
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