Wexicans: Irish people from the County of Wexico, originally Wexford. No connection to the country of Mexico, these lads are just a little unoriginal sometimes ;) (Also known in continental Europe as Weiss fjord)
"Heading down to the shticks with the Wexican lads for the weekend for a bit of sun, sand and the Stores."
by Coeurduvoyageur June 25, 2006
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Sect of native Irish purporting to be Dubliners, specifically those with D4 inclinations, living in the more lugubrious areas of surrounding counties to Dublin, such as Meath, Kildare, but more commonly Wicklow and Wexford, within commuting distance of the capital.

Are marked by their peculiar middle-class similarity with the Traveller encampments, as one member of the family will have made a fortune at something media-related in the 1980s, and now all other members of the family live in custom-built encampments on the land of the primary member, (usually a patriarch).

Ambitions of the younger females usually involves some form of 'promotions', which in Ireland passes for modeling, and for the males will be accountancy, followed by a series of failed business ventures in real-estate, restaurants, etc. Will proceed to have tanned courtships with those from similar backgrounds, and may have short sojourns of living in gated city enclaves while parents build annexes on family land for them to eventually inhabit.
She's tanned, 24, and a model/bikini-spokesperson, her mum is tanned, and an interior-designer/chicklit author, her brother has opened a string of failed restaurants, her father was a popular entertainer in the 1980s, and is now involved in property, they all have a slightly differing, two-line address in Wexford, with a whimsical name.

Hmmm. I think they may be Wexicans.
by La Chive August 7, 2008
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Term for a White person who is very Mexicanized, Similar to a Wigger.
Douglas is such a Wexican!
by Piranha May 21, 2009
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A white person (usually male ) who pretends to be a mexican gang banger , also uses slang terms used by mexicans and dresses in similar shity /tacky cloths that mexican gang bangers wear.
"Mark the new bus boy is a total wexican he even wears gang colors and hes not even in a gang also he uses the word "holmes" and "bendaho" alot."
by Jewish ninja May 9, 2006
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Usually refers to chicanos and Americans who claim to be Mexican or have Mexican decent, but were not born in Mexico. Comes from "Wannabe Mexican."
Jorge: Dude, 5 de Mayo was pretty cool this year.
John: Yeah! Viva Mexico! Independence and stuff..
Jorge: you're such a wexican...

Carlos: Hey, I'm Mexican. I'm from Jalisco. Where are you from?
Other Person: I am also Mexican. I'm from New Mexico..(WTF?)
by MexGoth November 2, 2010
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a white person that dresses, talks, and acts like a mexican.
look at that wexican with his stolen hub caps.
by richie February 22, 2005
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