Rosario is the most Beautiful girl in the world. Never let her go she will mean the world to u. Every time u look into Those beautiful brown eyes you loose it and want nothing but her. She is the sweetest girl in the world. Don’t ever loose Rosario because u will find no one like her.
by Lots of love May 22, 2019
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An Italian name, this name means rosary. A beautiful young lady, who is very attractive, so watch out guys. She is sweet, funny, athletic, smart and can be shy at first she is very viscous so be aware those of you who attempt to hurt her. A lot envy her, She is a girl who knows whats best is a very great friend and, gives the best advice. She is very cautious about everything. She has a great personality, if you see her don't hesitate to greet her.
Oh look, there goes Rosario!
by penelpo01 November 13, 2013
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A sweet, hot, young, scrumptious, beautiful, pretty, handsome man or woman that you should warship because they slay and even though they were very ugly in elementary and the beginning of high school they have the best glo up to be ever seen.
You see that boy right there he's for sure a Rosario
by Quebon Milk March 21, 2017
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A name for both male and female. Rosario is predominantly a male's name in Italy, and a popular Hispanic female name(RO-ZAR-EE-O). A Rosario can be described as egotistic or self centered sometimes. A Rosario can also be very attractive. If it's a male, they're likely to get teased because they're name is most common for a female (if they don't live In Italy). Both male and female can be very talented and intelligent. Rosario's tend to be very comfortable with sexuality. It's likely that they're raised in large families, with the absence of a father. This gives a male Rosario a stronger sense of sensitivity, being raised by his mother. Because of what they go through, Rosario's are either distant from others or seek attention from family and friends. Overall, a Rosario is a sweet person, and tries to look at the positive side of every thing.
Did you meet the new kid today? They're such a Rosario
by Young Philosopher December 8, 2013
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Rosario is a gorgeous girl. She's funny, Popular, and many guys want her for her body. She's very athletic (maybe plays basketball or does cheerleading). She can cook, clean, and sing really good. She's extremely gifted and amazing in bed. She's had a hard past and usually smiles through her pain. The first person to break her heart was her father because he was never there for her, which makes her have some trust issues. She's sensitive but won't show it cause she thinks its a sign of weakness. She's such a baddie also (CRAZY) and is down for whatever type of things her friends want to do even if it may include trouble. She may bee short like below 5'5 but is EXREMELY AGGRESIVE. A very sweet person who cares a lot and gets hurt because people take advantage of her. She may always look serious or ad but get to know her and you'll fall in love with her! A lot ay envy her because she's so beautiful and spoiled. She's careful with everything she does and overthinks a little too much. She super goofy but A REAL ONE WHO WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE AND IF SHES IN A RELATIONSHIP SHE WOULD NEVER CHEAT. Overall you should get you a Rosario.
ANA: Have you seen Rosario? Id kill for her body!
Kevin: No, but she's very cute, I want to date her!
by are alone. December 15, 2018
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(RO-ZAR-EE-O) From ancient greek spanish meaning "The tinniest little bundle of HOTNESS the world has ever seen! A Rosario will be very petite (5' 0" or less) but will still be stunningly beautiful and sexy! She will be very intelligent, charming, funny, and basically the perfect girl! If you are in a relationship with a Rosario then you are a very lucky individual and, trust me, everyone's jelous!
Brian is so freakin hot... I wanted to ask him out but I'm no Rosario!

Boss: That was an amazing presentation Jill, you were definately a Rosario today!
by Papi Rico February 5, 2010
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Spanish name meaning "Rosary". Most commonly a woman's name, except for Italy which uses it as a male name. A girl who is shy, cautious, collected. Can be very impatient and lose her temper, when people ignore and/or try to hurt her. She tries to help others and expects the same whether others are there for her or not. Never brags about being beautiful. Some Rosarios can be mean but there will be a good reason behind that. Always tries to be loyal. Don't hesitate to get to know her.
"What is the name of that Spanish exchange student?"

"Her name is Rosario."
by SunRose April 3, 2012
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