a fart that leaves yer boxers moist. You might wanna wipe yer butt after one of those stinkers
Johnny ate too many beans last night, and let out a wet fart. He went to the bathroom to wipe his booty.
by Latex boy November 06, 2006
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A fart which on it's passage out of the anus carries along anal juices and/ or sweat, leaving a small stain in the persons undergarments. For some it ticcles there cheeks.
People with large anuses do these type of farts alot.
'Whenever Jenifer Lopez farts, she exclaims, 'Ooh that was a wet fart!'.
by AlffredoisfatA November 03, 2006
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When you fart so hard, poop comes out as well.
Shazbot and tessio ate so much beans, thy had the wetfarts all night.
by Ophy July 22, 2003
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A fart that sounds wet and would deffinitly stain your underwear.Fags get this the most of all.
ewwww Ryan K just busted a wet fart!
by Cindy G (lookup cindyg) November 01, 2003
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A rather stinky fart with a wet sound and a little poop after that if your not naked you may wanna whipe your butt only a true fart genius like myself can master a wet fart
i wet farted on my boyfriend when he was sleeping and that woke him up the best part i lasted 8 second and i was naked so he felt the poop fall on him
by cakefartgirl August 23, 2011
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Fart that you make after you shower and it comes our feeling wet.
You joe i just did a Wet fart.
Joe: shut up you nasty qwore.( see definition for qwore)
by Leiyla_prop April 03, 2017
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