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A male who frequently enjoys have anal sex with a woman before he sticks it in her vag and then lies over and over about it to his friends.
Yo I was with this chick last night and she totally wanted me to pull a Kinney.
by Andre Buttlover February 28, 2008
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A unit of measurement specific to nuclear physics, equal to 500 pcm of reactivity. Typically used when assessing margin or uncertainty to a parameter.
"Our administrative limit on reactivity is 1 Kinney, but we can approach 2 Kinney's before we exceed the tech spec."
by boomerooni February 08, 2012
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A male who insists on breaking all rules regardless of consequences.
Hey Mike, quit being a Kinney and get back to work.
by Rob North August 11, 2005
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A devilish animal that dwells in the dark, bushed areas of New England. Has no chance at salvation and often likes to start shit shows just for the fun of it. One can often find a kinney prancing about new markets with a spelunking light attached to his forhead practicing on a trombone for the big parade. A kinney is considered to be the most deadly of all omens, worse than a black cat, broken mirror, or a house guest puking on herself in the middle of dinner.
Beth: Did you see that kinney?
John: No heh
Beth: What a frightening beast indeed. I believe the apocalyse is upon us.
by theprizepiglet August 07, 2006
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when someone acts like a jerk only to impress there friends. so you call them a kinney
"your a kinney"
by ahfukajshfk October 17, 2017
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