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a reasonably attractive skank that frequents the bars on the west side of US 131 in Grand Rapids, MI that typically lives on the west side as well
Let's go get drunk and pick up some Westside Treasures!
by Genetic Drift December 21, 2009
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When a heavily muscled person, especially one that uses anabolic steroids, pinches their upper back together, spreads out their arms, and kicks their legs out to the side as they walk (usually on the balls of their feet).
Ronald: "Damn. That guys is yoked."
Ritchie: "Which one?"
Ronald: "The one over there doing the Westside Walk."
by Big-Gary October 28, 2015
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A laughably retarded group of posers in grand island Nebraska. Usually residing in a trailer park, and smoking meth.
There is a "gang" in grand island called westside whiteboy s that is exactly like that movie "white boyz" lmaooooo. These guys are so clueless i feel embarrassed for them
by Realshit402 July 5, 2019
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The term Westside Mentality, or \\//\\//estside //\\//\\entality™, originated from and created by Blake Alexander, is a mentality or mindset of overcoming anything and pushing through all obstacles to accomplish your purpose and mission (in life). With Westside Mentality, you handle pressure well, and do not fold under pressure. You are focused on the eternal big picture, and you are not easily phased or beat; you have a determined and enduring mindset, which if truly accepted and taken to heart, leads to a life style. Honestly, this is all the way a real and true Christian should live, and is many of the characteristics for Christians described by Paul in the New Testament. Westside Mentality was most likely most recently famously lived out through the life and death of 2Pac Amaru Shakur, as he lived to die for his people and what he represented, and fearlessly and courageously faced death, head on every day until he finally died at 25, before he could get into politics and finish his revolution alive. See the detailed description for the rest of 2Pac's westside mentality on the page "\\//\\//estside //\\//\\entality".
This term and definition also has nothing to do with the stupid thing Ryan Gaybill wrote because he was/is insecure and jealous.
Blake's old great life got flipped turned, upside down, and taken away from him. His future looks like it's headed in a new direction, and he has a huge life mission and eternal purpose he must accomplish while alive on earth. He must accept, adopt, and develop Westside Mentality and also use that along with his never-ending, never-waverung faith, trust, and obedience to God to help him get through the crap that happens in life, and the everyday crap that occurs throughout life to accomplish his mission and fulfill his purpose-His eternal purpose.
by Chris Michael Adams April 6, 2011
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A gang started some where in Oregon containing mostly caucasian males. Their gang colors are black and white, and one of their gang signs is the westside symbol on both hands and then arms crossed to make an X. The gang leader, Dawn, or Godfather is only known by very view people but is said to be one badass muda fucka. They're known to be total badasses and no one wants to fuck with them, and other gangs are scared shitless when faced face to face.
Exp 1:
person 1: Bro! did you hear about the gang fight between the Westside Whitey's and the Latin Kings last night?

person 2: Yeah man! shit went down last night.
Exp 2:
person 1: Man you see what went down last night?

person 2: Yeah Westside Whitey's really fucked that other gang up.
by nigboii February 11, 2011
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A westside playa is a boss playa from the west coast street gangs.
1) Have you heard? Josh is a westside playa!
2) Tupac is a westside playa for life!
by BadgerNoise February 3, 2015
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A upcoming gang that originated at Pittsburgh Central Catholic whose main colors are lime green and pink. They have their own handshake and are very intimidating to the average human being.
Joe: OMG its the westside butterflies hurry up and hide dont let them see us, I dont feel like getting my wallet stolen.
by Westside Butterfly Dipps December 6, 2009
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