Composed of Ice Cube, WC,and Mack 10. Straight of the streets of South Los Angeles. Some of the realest Muthaphukka's who ever set foot on this earth.
Do not mess with westside connection, unless you want to get your punk ass slayed!
by matthew gaston February 26, 2004
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When a nigga take his dick and dip that shit in olive oil and smack a bitch aside the head.
Bitch on yo knees' so i can westside glaze you!
by The Westside Glazer November 19, 2008
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What is the west side shuffle you may ask?

Westside shuffle: the act of reckless driving on the westside of Youngstown, Ohio. Typically on the one way, 2 lane roads oakwood (eastbound) and Connecticut ave (westbound) acts of reckless driving or “shufflin” is included (but not limited to) speeding, disobeying stop lights/signals, inoperable merging signals and from time to time a “close call fender bender” or even traveling the incorrect way on the one way routes. typically hood rats and uninsured motorists partake in the “westside shuffle”
by Switchbladeg3 September 26, 2019
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Westside Modesto is one of the most Ghetto parts of Modesto California but also one of the most funniest places you can be on a Saturday night because its 5 partys on each street so the police don't even care and they don't shut it down only if its shooting or fights which happens sometimez also Modesto High is in Westside Modesto in out there you'll still see hella scrapers,Dudez goin hyphy just like East Oakland but this is a big gang area for Surenos,Nortes and crips so be careful what colors you wear but other than that Westside Modesto is the place To be on A boring saturday with nothing to do...
Yesterday i went to a smackin party in Westside Modesto
by Modestokid209 June 15, 2009
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just like the regular shocker, except the index and middle fingers are crossed, and the thumb is extended, making some weird ass w-ish shit.
last time i tried the westside shocker she punched me in the face
by Marc August 06, 2004
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The Westside Walk is the same thing as the Pool Palace except you move with it instead of standing in one place. It's basically walking around while you doin the Pool Palace.
"what ya talkin bout
bend ya knees rock ya hips now westside walk it out"
by alicia reppin cali June 26, 2006
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a reasonably attractive skank that frequents the bars on the west side of US 131 in Grand Rapids, MI that typically lives on the west side as well
Let's go get drunk and pick up some Westside Treasures!
by Genetic Drift December 21, 2009
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