East Side Of Oakland,California. We dont take shits around here, we feel its fuck yall bitche tryna hate on the town. We keep winning the homicide rate.
Luniz - East Oakland BITCH!
by unit8 November 16, 2003
65 vill where the real niggas go stupid and dumb
Middle east oakland where the 65/69 vill is where live
by delinda November 15, 2006
ThE ghettoest part of OaktOwn where the tru niggaz sTay n nO one fuck arOund..
We fenna g2 east oakland n smoke wit dem bloodz..
by shiZzle February 6, 2005
Look at that homeless loser standing at the corner in East Oakland!
by Super Nerd January 31, 2005
Eastside O where niggaz scrape all up and down the block and aint scare to pul a trigga on a nigga yarrrrrrrasaid

Representin the dubz
Ayy u herd that niggaz slapz, he must be straight the town

representin east oakland to the fullis
by yeeee July 18, 2006
East Oakland- home of da homicide winnaz and da most skraperz in town. The spot where erryone grows sellz and smokez anythin dat getz u high azzah mutha.
"we from east oakland bitch so yuh bettah akryte in thiz mutha fucka"
by LiL MiZZlE June 7, 2004