shufflin is just a basic way of saying dancing with only your feet usher style
by f_meister February 15, 2005
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An action that you perform every day; the act of performing a

by A Party Person January 1, 2012
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Engaging in an elite echelon of douchebaggery most commonly practiced in the United States, primarily anywhere within the state limits of New Jersey, and directly influenced by the distinguished music stylings of party noisemakers LMFAO. This level of "Shufflin'" can only be achieved while toxically drunk and you must be predisposed to daily douchbaggery and/or fist pumping.
Steve: Hey Bob, what have you been up to?
Bob: Not sh*t son, just keepin' it real for the ladies. Everyday I'm shufflin'!
Steve: That's great, Bob! Alright, see ya later.
by bwells24 September 15, 2011
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To look through old records and find something good like some old school Stevie.
Yo. I'll be back at around 10 right. I'm shufflin flybies n shit
by Dante "Loophole" Wallace August 2, 2009
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The phrase famously used in LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. On hearing the phrase, it may cause some people to do a stupid dance called "The Shuffle" which this song brought to light.
by Gedasm83 July 31, 2011
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a phrase from lmfao's "party rock anthem" that refers to the apocalyptic dancing sensation known as "shufflin".
Bob: What's going on? What is this music?
Fred: I dunno man, but every day im shufflin.
by mfraz July 8, 2011
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