The westsider, is making the gang symbol for westside, so your hand looks like a giant "w", with the middle and ring fingers overlaced, and applying it the same as the shocker. The index is used to stimulate the clit, the middle and ring in the vagina, and the pinky in the anus. Nothing says gangsta or pimp more than fingering your girl with a gang sign!
Yo dog, did you get some play last night.
Hell yeah, gave that bitch a "westsider" and it was on after that.
by Tarrin, and Kimmy January 28, 2008
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"The Side Where All The Originals G's come From And There's No One That Can Stop Them Not Even Police There's Just Chaos"
The Side Thats Gonna Make Every Other Side A WESTSIDE!
by "Chux" From L.A. September 19, 2004
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Where all the "playaz" are at, in the hood end of the "westSide"
"Yo yo nigga nigga, wanna come chill with me and the home dawgs at the WestSide"?
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
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California, or mainly Los Angeles. Rap artists often throw the WestSide sign meaning they are from Los Angeles. To be really from the WestSide, you have to be a gang-banger. Probally Black or Hispanic or Armenian. WestSide is more of a gang lifestyle.
Whiteboy: Westside blood nigga all day (screams out while wearing an LA hat)

18th Street gang member sees this: fucking lame ass whiteboy (takes out a gun and ends the wannabe motherfuckers life
by westuptothehomies January 25, 2008
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1) a mentality that everyone in every other state besides california envies.

2) What tupac and 30 other great MCs rep

3) Most gangsta part of the nation

4) Where you can find the best beaches, weather, women, weed.

5) What New York mistakenly thinks theyre better then.HAH!

LA Pride
East Coast guy: Man California sucks yall got bad traffic...

Dirty South guy: Man fuck califoria yall got chicks with really nice fake tits...

Midwest guy: Man fuck california yall got bad...uh..

Westside gangsta: Its all good, i would be jealous of me too if i were you. cuz at the end of the day u cant hold down the westside!!
by fertileturtle May 01, 2009
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someone that just dont give a fuck about shit who can rock what they want cause they just dont give a fuck. Bitch...

2 someone who will fight at the bell game cause they just wanna fight and ps they always win. WEST SCRANTON BITCH!!!!

3 People who live in west scranton: Joe Converse, Bookie Tsakonas, Michelle Converse, and Jack Hunsinger. BITCH!!!!!!!!!
1 They are some badass westsiders.
2 Is that joe,bookie,michelle and jack in that fight over there... damn they really are westsiders "hit him again bookie" "get some"
3 sorry ruth but im a westsider haha
by westsiders March 04, 2009
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