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A mosquito-based virus that adversely affects roughly one in a hundred people who have an acute case of it; of those, 3 to 15 percent die. This reflects 3 to 15 percent of 1 percent, or 0.03-0.15% of all of those who get the virus.

Also the alias of a non-existent virus which will, according to mass-media, kill us all slowly and horribly.
You're more likely to die in a car crash or bathtub.
by Trafton May 31, 2004
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A virus that is contracted from bird to misquito to human. Most humans that become infected with the virus will have no symptoms at all. Mild symptoms include: headaches, fever, rash, diarrhea, back pain, etc. Serious symptoms need to be treated a.s.a.p. which include: swelling of the brain, coma, etc. all which are extremely rare! Extremely rare!
I have had West Nile Virus, it sucks, but goes away little by little. No need for medical attention unless you become extremely ill. Only 1% or less will become seriously ill, and only 1% of those people will die. So no worries.
by wickedbrooklyn September 08, 2008
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A relatively rare and harmless virus, spread by mosquitos. Symptoms include fever, headache, and body aches, with occasional skin rashes and/or swollen lymph nodes. A few weeks of bed rest will usually take care of it.

But if West Nile is such a weak virus, why has the news media gone crazy over it? News stations in America have taken advantage of a rare condition called encephalitis to turn the molehill of West Nile into a mountain that rivals the Ebola virus. Encephalitis is a swelling of the brain - a very serious condition that can SOMETIMES be caused by West Nile. Note that when I say "sometimes" I mean it in the sense that "sometimes" people die from chickenpox. Tons of common childhood diseases can cause encephalitis, including measels, chickenpox, mono, and the flu. Remember that the next time CNN tries to warn you about the evil mosquitoes that are threatening to kill us all.
When I got west nile, I was out of school for 3 days. When I got the chickenpox, I was out of school for almost a month. Think about that for awhile.
by progamer124 September 07, 2004
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The latest in a series of overblown threats that the media uses to sell newspapers.
Dude, I'm so fucking scared about this west nile virus that I'm gonna buy a newspaper everyday just to make sure that I'm not one of .0000000000000001% of the world's population that actually contracts the virus.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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Is a funny thing that people like me like to say, usually use to say something smells. Got this idea from Maxmofo!
"Holy shit it smells like the West Nile Virus up in this bitch"!
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by GetRektBoi April 08, 2019
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