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A horrible misspelling of the contraction "we're", in which the omission of a single apostrophe changes the word into a completely different one. Commonly seen in the gaming world and in message boards
Were here! Were queer!
by Penbiks August 17, 2006
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To describe in a "past tense" state.

To say something "Was" something else.

And if you are not careful with your definitions, you could end up making a separate definition for another word because you used mixed up "were" with "where."
Ghetto person: We was just chillin' at the MAWL!

Grammar Nazi: Don't you mean "Were"?

Ghetto person: You're about to be "Were-Dead"

Grammar Nazi: "Were-Dead"?

Ghetto person: As in "Were-dead, after I killed you and brought you back to life to help me prove my Alibi"

Grammar Nazi: That doesn't make sense."

Ghetto Person: Niga, it makes perfect sense. How can you be ded if you helping me with an alibi to another crime? You is one problem solved!

Grammar Nazi: . . .
by Tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
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1: Someone who identifies themselves as having the soul of another creature, who often feels drawn to that species in one way or another.

2: A style of artwork that involves anthropomorphic creatures in an often digitrade form.

3: WW:tA gamers

4: Roleplayers that want to fit into a community to feel "speshul"

She takes pride in her spirituality as a were, although to know her from the outside, one would never suspect.

There are some awesome were artists out there, but don't they draw anything else?

"I will eat j00, for I am like a 10-foot tall were and shit" *proceeds with eyeroll*

Oh hey look, another self-proclaimed were has found their way to the boards.

by Nani Ookami October 11, 2003
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Referring to someone who is a WereCreature in general, being a wolf or not.
The weres ganged up on helpless victims and killed them.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
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The way Asian people say "war". Stupid R's.
John: We kicked yall's asses in the war.
Hitler: Yes, yes you did.
John: We kicked yall's asses in the war too.
Bin Laden: Yes, yes you did.
John: We..
Minh: your asses kicked in the Vietnam Were.
John: The what?
Minh: The WEREEEEE. You speak English?!?! Wereeee.. were.. were.. WERE!
John: Yall can't drive, can't reach the top shelf, and damned can't even say the word..

Minh: ..but we still kick your ass in the Were!
John: Yes, yes you did.
by Were Hero December 09, 2013
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People who beleve they have the spirt of an animal trapped inside them. Most of them just make this stuff up to get attention from furries cause they really are furries but some really beleve in and want to be an animal. I think it is just their warped thinking and scarred mind. Beleve me I once beleved I had a spirt of a wolf trapped inside me but I realize it was just teen angst and anger. I am human and happy to be so as I can do better and funner things than animals can do. Why the hell would you want to be an animal if being a human is easer, safer funner and overall better. Human stress I guess. But they will get over it and live a normal human life.
I realized I was not a were once I got out of my 4 months of depression.
by Lupine Shawn April 09, 2005
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