4 definitions by Mundane Shawn

People who are psycotic hypocrites. (they thing things humanity does are bad and try to solve them USEING the bad ways)
They tend to hang out with animals more than humans and they feel a spirtual connection with animals.(there is really no connection it is really their warped mind)
They also beleve they were once an animal in there preveious life (what the hell makes them so damn sure, your memory of your previous life does not come with you)
Understanding otherkin is like trying to understand an autistic child, you will never understand these people.
by Mundane Shawn March 14, 2005
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Everyone who goes to furry or otherkin websites and denies that they go there or are a furry. They should just go kill themselves and make the our mundane world a better place that is furry free.
Furries in denial are everywhere on werelist and gamefaqs messageboards.
by Mundane Shawn March 14, 2005
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A person who beleves they were once an animal. I was once one but soon relised it is stupid and retarded so I am mundane.
Weres hang out at werelist, the only place where they are not flamed however I plan to change that.
by Mundane Shawn March 4, 2005
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A website that is a total waste of time, as if you are mundane they will boot you. There leader is unreasonble. Anyone who goes there please GET A LIFE and accept that you are HUMAN.
I was booted from werelist cause they are retards and always cater to furries and weres, not useful mundane people like myself.
by Mundane Shawn February 23, 2005
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