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adj. To be vibrant and lively, esp. for describing the elderly as such.
Virgil, an amazing 86 years old, is still working for my dad, and his mind is as clear as ever
by HappyHenry35 March 13, 2003
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verb: to idiotically look up the definition of the source in which you are looking up definitions.

noun: 1. a man dressed in drag. 2. the website urbandictionary.com
that urbandictionary.com urbandictionary.com'd on urbandictionary.com !
by HappyHenry35 June 26, 2004
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the occurence of a erection causing the foreskin to automatically retract.

Because Erin Stidham gave me head, I nearly reached 8-X=P~. (To learn more about 8-X=P~, visit www.madcowworld.com ) And because her head-giving ability is so powerful, I got a big erection, and subsequently a horny pull.
by HappyHenry35 April 21, 2003
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having qualitites conducive to gettting fucked on a couch.
Damn, that girl is definitely couchable!
Word, bro! I bet she would make you reach 8-X=P~!
by HappyHenry35 April 22, 2003
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spoiled-rotten rich kid who thinks she should get anything she wants.
Is it just me, or are cheerleaders getting uglier every year at this school?

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "im not spoiled and ur a jerk! ur probaly just saying that because you can't get a cheerleader to talk to you!"
by HappyHenry35 April 18, 2003
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the water that splashes onto the ass from a falling terd.
after trying for 13 minutes, john finally squeezed out the last terd. Sadly, the terd was heavy and produced superfluous ass water.
by HappyHenry35 April 18, 2003
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