The act of saying your are going to stream, then not streaming without notice and blaming it on being sick or injured - first used by viewers of lospollostv
"person 1Bro los welched again? person 2 Yep he welches almost every goddamn day, its like he is programmed to welch"
by lospollostvviewer March 19, 2017
To "black flag".

Meaning to make a bet, and lose it. Then not follow through with the consequences.
YOU: "I'll make a bet that Carlton suck and miss the 8, loser has to suck Suzis penis."

BlackFlag: "Carlton will win the premiership you douche, i'll take your bet"

Carlton go on to stink up the entire competition, blackflag loses the bet, and ignores that the bet was ever placed. Making him a dirty welch and the lowest form of life in the universe.
by Blissid April 28, 2010
Dumb ass bitch who never does what they say they're going to do.
There's a welch on the phone who said she'll be here at three, but we all know she's not going to show up today.
by Squeaky_lil_b January 22, 2016
The Welch ate the human that got too close to its cubs.
by tittieballs January 27, 2011
To be Extremely good looking;Popular;Well Liked; Cute
Man, That Paul is sure a Welch. We should just call him Paul Welch!
by Cathy123 November 24, 2006
To do something low; to cheat someone out of something.
I just got welched on my IST 336 exam
by Zachary Jones June 14, 2007
high quality marijuana product (no less then a dub sack) rolled in a cigar wrap (see blunt), rolled by an experienced roller. a nice quality roll job for a nice quality smoke session, not your usual loose, wet, flimsy 'L'. the term may also be used to describe the act of smoking a welch.
hmmm...yea but lemme roll it, im finna welch
by Ra Boy March 8, 2011