a weightloss program where foods are assigned point value and you add up all the points you eat and try not to exceed your daily alloted points. The thought behind this is that it's easier to count points than calories, fat grams, carbs..exc. it is a legitimite way to loose weight and one of the few diets that allow participants the luxury of not ruling out foods like sweets entirely. Instead, portion size is emphasized and there are also pre-package frozen desserts from the company. Group meetings and weight-ins add a sort of peer pressure, AAA feeling to it, making participants more likely to stick with the program. Anyone from the casual dieter to the obese can learn how and succeed with it.
Jenny went on weight-watchers and lost 30 pounds.
by mmmhmmwow June 07, 2005
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A bowel movement so large it results in a measurable reduction of your weight. The kind of movements people try to have just before weigh-in at a Weight-Watchers meeting.
Damn, I feel five pounds lighter, that was a real Weight-Watchers crap. Where's the scale?
by vbartilucci November 04, 2010
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