The art of masturbating slowly into a midget’s glove.
I had a great twelve hours by just having a Weekes.
by JHM1 May 2, 2008
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verb. to weep excessively, in times of great distress
“I am weeking over Zac Efron’s beauty
by Jofo May 1, 2018
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when a lady is on her period and the guy wants to have sex but shes bleeding. soo, it calls for head (:
man : heyy baby lets get it on
girlfriend : but baby its my time of the month
man : you know what they say, 'red week is head week' (;
by iamcoco February 18, 2011
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Dallon Weekes is an amazing singer/ songwriter originally from Utah. He was the singer, songwriter and bassist for The Brobecks, Also was atouring member in Panic! at the Disco. Now Ryan Seaman and Dallon have a band named I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. Dallon is an amazing, caring, funny guy and the Ultime bad boy according to his Twitter. He's really someonw to look up to. He's has amazing songs, even christmas songs! Also e has the most awesome, caring wife! Breezy Weekes!
Person 1: I love Dallon Weekes, he's awesome
person 2: Who's that?
person 1: The best man you will ever encounter, So google it.
Person 2: Okay
by Klaras_odd_world November 11, 2017
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Greatest dad, amazing husband (I suppose lmao Breezy where u @) and worlds best bassist.

Dallon is a very tall but very handsome 37 year old man who has been in some pretty cool bands. The Brobecks and Panic! at the Disco are 2 of those pretty cool bands, but let’s not forget his current 80’s sounding indie band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me he sings AND obviously plays bass for with his best friend Ryan Seaman (former Falling in Reverse drummer) he has known for almost a decade now.
Dallon is married to Breezy Dawn Douglas who’s an amazing actress, model AND geek. They have 2 beautiful children, Amélie and Knox Weekes who are both named after fictional characters. Some random facts about the Weekes family are that Dallon and Breezy’s favorite show to watch is Doctor Who and that Dallon is obsessed with Dr. Pepper (why don’t they sponsor him already smh. oh and he’s also trying to lower his daily doses of soda so he can be all fit and healthy again #vegan)
Dallon is also known as a ‘Twitter Baddie’ because all of this tweets are iconic and relatable.
me: Don’t you just LOVE that tweet Dallon Weekes just put out?

them: yes! he is so relatable.
by Rian Rozz August 19, 2018
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A leisurely 3 day work or school week.
Since I was already leaving for the tropics on Friday, I elected to skirt my obligations on Thursday as well and call it a gentleman's week.
by Doctor Hate September 30, 2006
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A coma week is a week in which the participant will spend the entire time drunk - going out every night of the week, getting drunk, returning home, sleeping and then eating a fry up and starting drinking again in preparation for the next night of drunkenness.

It is so named because after 7 days of near-constant drinking, the participant will be in a state that resembles a coma - unconscious and unresponsive to stimuli
Steve and Dean decided to celebrate their graduation by doing a coma week.
by SellyOakRam March 21, 2010
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