proper job of an english breafast, fried eggs,bacon,toast,hash browns, the legend of a breakfast.
mum can you do a fry up this morning?
by lotti england January 21, 2007
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A meal composed of fried food. Typically this will consist of several of the following: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, fried bread, mushrooms, black pudding, potato cakes................

This tasty combination can be enjoyed at any time of day but in the UK is offered as breakfast in hotels and guest houses, and is often much enjoyed as a Saturday tea (early dinner) or as a brunch.

However, too many fry-ups can lead to love handles, spots and even premature death!
"I fancy a fry-up tonight!"

"Are you sure? If you get any fatter you will cause a tsunami when you sit down suddenly!"
by w00fdawg October 30, 2005
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Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars: "Stephen Fry with an erection = a Fry up"
by bobontoast September 9, 2010
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The deviant sexual act of feeding a bag lady the yolk of a fried egg, served out of her clowns pocket with your womb broom. ergo. egg and toast soldiers.

sauces optional.
When I picked up Mustang Sally for sex, she was so hungry afterwards, she gobbled up her vagetarian fry-up.
by Roger_the_cabin_boy January 23, 2005
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Fry Em Up is a Plants vs. Zombies Heroes streamers who beat opponents with his powerful decks.
What’s goin’ on everybody, this is Fry. So today, simple as this, we are bringing back the best deck in the entire game, other than maybe Cyclecap, and I actually sorta built this deck in order to counter Cyclecap. This is of course Valk Trickster Hybrid. It’s been one of the best since the beginning of the game, and I’ve really... uh... this new deck list is even gonna make it bigger... uh and... I mean better. Bigger and better! Heah. So, uh this is how this deck works: you have to pick a starting... starting strategy. You either gonna go with the Valk build or with the uh Trickster build. Now, uh, the... these are the two most powerful, really finishers in the Zombie side period. Uh even though they don’t work that well together, but it’s really nice to have the most two powerful options at your disposal, and this deck really makes the contradiction of Trickster and Valkyrie uh actually not to be so much of a contradiction, I’ll show you that in a second.-Fry Em Up’s iconic deck
by Absolutionist February 3, 2021
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a guy who is addicted to kfc but eats to much taco bell and likes to hand out fry's and cock
Alissa: can I have a fry
fry up my ass: sure pull it out my ass and eat some cock
by eat my add boiiiiii January 14, 2020
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