Little 6'4'' cutie with beautiful deep blue eyes. World's okayest bassist. Member of Dr Pepper cult. Probably, the best partner for Ryan Ross.
Fans: @DallonWeekes hey dad how was your day?
Dallon Weekes: I'm not your dad.
by panicisnotonfire August 8, 2015
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An incredibly talented singer/songwriter for the Brobecks. Amazing voice and catchy lyrics. Very unique songs that stand out in the modern age of 'common' tunes. And not to mention, he's gorgeous! Basically he's the total package. :)
Dallon Weekes is an artist to look out for.
by brobecks! July 31, 2009
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At any major college or university, the week before finals are administered and most major projects and assignments are due for submission. The late night working and hardcore studying for finals gives the students a zombie like atmosphere, and causes an eerie silence and many blank, unseeing expressions.
Man, this place is silent. Whats goin on?
Dead week man. Killer.
by Podzilla January 12, 2006
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The days between christmas and new years eve where you just get painfully drunk all the time.
‘Have you seen Michele doing the candle?’
‘Yeah, must have been week 52
by Tchpeter December 27, 2017
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Originated In Dyckman By Rogeri , When Someone is Bugging out to the fullest extent. Many tweaks can be found in one week. The scale resets on Mondays.
Christian: Yo bro look at this guy 🤔
Rogeri:Tweak of the week?

Christian : Tweak season!
by Scanrog July 23, 2021
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Blow Job Week: in the dating phase - the week where your girl sucks you off a solid 5 outta 7 days because she's got her period. She'll suck you off like there's no tomorrow because she loves taking care of her man.

A Blow Job for the Week: in the

engaged/honeymoon phase - you're in too deep to bounce so you now settle for a single blow job during her period week because she button-hooked the shit out if you and your dumbass fell for it hook, sink and liner.

No Job Week is a married man experience. You are married. You are accustomed to masturbating quite frequently. Don't be fooled, No Job Week is no different. During your wife's period week, she'll find every and any excuse not to go near you because you fell for it like a dumb mofo.
Shit! My wife started her period today. Looks like No Job Week has arrived. FML.
by TaintMan66 January 19, 2021
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The 3rd week in April where you screw with one of your friends that have been bothering you over the past year
Connor hates me now. I love Screwowski Week!
by Thatboydownthehall April 19, 2013
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