the amount of further alienation from your family after the festivities we categorise as "Xmas", Christmas (Eve)
"honestly, i never thought i'd be capable of cultivating a poker face. well, not after christmas."

"I am missing our post office a wee bit more now that its been displaced. Maybe its time to switch to modern information technology."
by Couch sweet potato December 25, 2020
the appropriate response to a dinner guest who gullibly responds to an obviously false statement.

Is often accompanied by a brief diving motion with one hand.
- "and Peter Shilton was only 5 feet 6 inches tall before he stretched himself"

- "really? you can't tell from the television"

- "wee dive"
by Fred Quimby II June 10, 2005
A Physiological termed to discribe a womans Male Genetales in a way to show how manly and tough the female is.
Tameka; My god Megan has a Unbelievably huge She-Wee
Alex; I know right.. if she hits Hamish any harder she will rape His Manhood
by SingleNutRemover April 9, 2016
Wee feefee is an absolute tool of a lass but has a heart of gold
by Wee feefee December 25, 2022
A generally chill and composed girl. She is humble, nice and beautiful. She is the funniest person you will ever meet. She is introverted and quiet but will do adventurous things with you once comfortable.
Wanna ask Wee Ting to the movies?
Of course!
by pagefril January 18, 2021