The coolest person in any room. Normally they have the freshest cut and the most fire outfits. Sometimes people wonder how he can be so cool yet so fire at the same time. At the time of writing this, I too wonder how he can handle such swagger. So good at sudoku that sometimes the sudoku starts solving him instead.
Person 1: You know who is Wee Jie?

Person 2: How could I not, he was a whole chapter in Social Studies back in Secondary School
by hgjsdfhei November 23, 2021
JackSucksAtLife’s wee wee bush is the bush that a famous English YouTuber, JackSucksAtLife, “wee-wee’d” in when he was doing an in real life GeoGuesser video in a celebration of the channel “Don’t subscribe” reaching 700 thousand subscribers.
Hey did you hear the news about JackSucksAtLife’s wee wee bush?
What news?
JackSucksAtLife's wee wee bush wee wee bush was marked on google maps!
by DarckFrom_iGuess November 7, 2022
When a little girl has an attitude problem way bigger than her age and experience!
Hey, put that down and quick messing with everything, you little wee bitch!
by Wifo October 17, 2022
My brothers and sisters used to call me 'wee wot' when I was a wee lad.
by Astrapto February 8, 2017
A person of the causcasian persuasion usually from the uk, hasn’t shaved in about a week and is most likely a lightweight
The wee Craig: WHENNNNNNN
by Sylan darpe December 15, 2020