A cute little man. A "prettyboy" worker on a construction site or in a factory that is kept around because of his good looks and desirable little girl-like physique. The websters purpose is to act as the recipient of the aggression of the common workers and to act as a modern day peg boy.
Damn, the boss has me all stressed out. I think I'm gonna go pump a load into the webster during lunch break.
by The Man Himself 101 November 10, 2012
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A person who acts like a dictionary and explains a joke or a reference when no explanaiton is necessary.
Joe: "you see, no one except the kid interacted with Bruce Willis, because he was actually a ghost"

Mark: "thank you, Webster"

Bob: "yes, thanks, we didn't 'get that' ourselves... ugh!"
by phonuz September 5, 2006
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A Webster is a follower of WebGordon. They grind for cash and flash the cash. Flexing is number one on their agenda. A Webster has loyalty towards the gods, Sam I and Sam G.
Webster 1: Hey man have you seen the lockness webster?
Webster 2: Of Course!! Lockness Webster is iconic!
Webster 3: Fuck polishkid90
by WebGordon Supporters August 7, 2018
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"where life is worth living"...yea right. a suburb outside of rochester, ny. many parents from other towns such as east irondequoit and the city move their kids hear and make them suffer to attend "good schools" as it was when they attended the schools. most drama filled town possible. people even have to leave the schools half way during the year because they are sick of all the drama. this is even happening in the elemantary school levels believe it or not. they think they have the good sports, but not so much anymore. everybody there is a wannabe and even the geekiest ugliest kids are bitches and try to act like the popular rich kids. its really kinda entertaining.
Mom: "honey..were moving to webster."
kid: "ok mom but i dont wanna move"
mom: "the kids are so nice there though"
*kid arrives at school and is shoved around because she is not wearing abercrombie or carrying a knockoff chanel purse that tries to claim it real*

webster isnt where life is worth living unless your gifted. parents take this advice too.
by anonymousssforeverrr January 15, 2008
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a suburb city outside of rochester ny that is full of white kids who try to act black and even the black kids cant hide the fact that they are white.
the schools here give way to much work at the schools cuz they think everyone is smart and everyone thinks their better than everyone else and rich too as well as hardcore.
webster is worth living if you cut your wrists and are dramatic.
noone in webster could handle real living.
all the white kids think they r blak.ahem hem,dumbasses
dad: we are moving to webster.
kid: what's that?
dad: a suburb near us.
kid: but i am happy here.i have a life here.i have friends here.
dad: you'll make new friends.
webster suks tiny white penis.
Reality: kid goes thomas and is bullied for being from the city but beats the shit out of them and now evryone respects him.
by Rochester4Life April 5, 2008
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to completely fuck up in life and become a dentist or "DR.FAGGETT" when all along longing to become a machinist.
my life is a fucking webster, boy i sure webster'd this shit up
by germancutioner November 5, 2010
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