A mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel with proprietary components developed by Palm. The webOS features significant online social network and Web 2.0 integration.
The Palm Pre smartphone is the first device to launch with webOS.
by palm_fan October 29, 2009
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Spanish for testicles

Amanda likes my webos in her mouth.
by Kevinthedense February 7, 2008
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Referring to the genital region of males; penis. Derived from the comedic mind of Pablo Fransisco.
1) Pablo! I hear you're making fun of me cause I shave my webos...
2) Webos Splash! you sexy mother fucker!
by noobism February 6, 2007
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Ones testicle fortitude. Courage. also see balls or nuts
Pick up your webos and play hard.
by vinweasle June 18, 2009
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Webos: Noun
Balls, Male Testicals. Usually used by male strippers. Created as an Etertaining substitute for Nuts,

Asumed to have originated in Latin Cultures

1.) When Dane Cook has to shave his webos before a show he always uses "Webo Splash, Webo Splash you sexy mother fucker".

2.) When Angelina was playing with Brads Webos she notice he had trimed the pubic hair around it and had freshined up with "Webo Splash, Webo Splash you sexy mother fucker".

3.) Yo holms that chica was totally tribin webos last night after she took that "X".
by Jacob Shaheen January 12, 2006
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A person brought up in an awseome town. They usually kick ass at everything they do.
Man, I suck at life! I wish I could be a Webo.
by mick November 15, 2004
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When you type in a common internet page like google.com or facebook.com slightly incorrectly, bringing you to an annoying sales or otherwise erroneous website
I went to giigle.com by accident, and now I cant get rid of these damn weight loss popups. I hate when i write a webo.
by acropora1981 June 1, 2010
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