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a balchaaaay who has lots of charnas who push him in the gym to do 5 more sit ups, straightens ones hair before going out... (dont forget to gel your hair before straightening it!). A smoof also wears porno button up V necks (unbuttoned). If your a true smoof you only shag hot dolls (but she had a pretty face), wear tight beaters when attending gym, talking in a typical joburg accent. Typical diet equals chicky breasts on rye with a protein shake, and then a shot of anabolic steriods in the biceps for desert.
"ah boet hay, no like we late for gym hay and iv already taken my shake and guna miss my window of opportunity for mazimum pumpage!! trying to become an ultimate smooth tiger like john dob "
by iandebeerlovesmingers October 16, 2010
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