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1) What a squirrel eats
2) What a guy diving into an alligator pit is
3) What standing with only 4 men against the whole German army is
4) What a cannibal eats (Ouch)
Confucious Say: Man who stick penis in peanut butter jar is fucking nuts (Double meaning)
by Survivor Fan August 16, 2004

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One of Eric Cartman's (South Park) favorite words, partnered by lame
Butters: Yeah, me and AWESOME-O even had a slumber party last night!
Cartman: Weak.
by Survivor Fan September 16, 2004

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The idiotic senator from Mississippi who was in high support of the Seperatist Party, which wanted to keep blacks from being in the same school as whites. He couldn't pronounce his I's if the world depended on it. He has now resigned his position as Senate Majority Leader for his stupid racist remarks. Dumb southerner.
(Trent Lott: How he Talks:) "Mickey, Mickey, yurr so fahne yuh blow mah mahnd!"
by Survivor Fan October 26, 2004

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1.) A person who is extremely Republican with strong conservative views. One who falls to the near right edge of the political spectrum. Usually is never afraid to stand up for his/her beliefs and opinions. Also usually is NOT a racist.
2.) The members of the Republican Party during the Civil War who pushed for and succeeded in abolishing slavery.
Most Republicans are actually moderate; the ones that are more extreme are known as Radical Republicans.
by Survivor Fan December 08, 2004

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The 80s Arena (Corporate) Rock band that produced several albums, and numerous smash hits, including "Eye of The Tiger", "High On You", "The Search Is Over", "American Heartbeat", "Is This Love", and "I Can't Hold Back".
Survivor is a great 80s Chicago-based band that everyone should hear.
by Survivor Fan December 08, 2004

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an awesome machine. Sure, it takes about eight cents for every dollar you earn by submitting your change for easy-carrying cash, but it is still great, and it isn't that much of a loss.
You can transform all of your loose change into cash at the CoinStar.
by Survivor Fan December 01, 2004

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n. 1.) Attached to a door as a handle.
2.) Reference to a guy's dick.
3.) Word that can be used in the name of a town.
4.) Alternate word for "knot" in reference to a bump on the head.
1.) I turned the doorknob to find her naked.
2.) She schlobbed on his dick all day.
3.) Let's head over to the store in Gobbler's Knob.
4.) He had a knob on his head after I hit him with a hammer.
by Survivor Fan December 01, 2004

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