So old and decrepit that you look like dinosaur droppings.
If she isn't as old as God, she' s at least as old as shit and about as usless.
by nom de fume April 8, 2016
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It is what it is... OLD ASS SHIT! Irreparable shit laying around the house that needs to be thrown away!
Eric: Dude, is that a Gameboy?
Lyle: Yes, but it doesn't work.
Eric: Then throw that "old ass shit" away!
by Lo-rettie W September 12, 2009
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The act of defecating down someones chimney as a prank, leaving their whole house smelling like feces with them wondering where the smell came from
Guy: why does my house smell like shit?
Girl: I left you an old saint shit, look in the chimney
by the fatness December 10, 2011
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When one takes a shit and does not wipe to make it quick.
I need to take an old school shit.
by Jmg342 December 30, 2017
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In the manner of the person or thing represented by the word or words replacing the (blank), done in the style of that person or thing
50 cent said he was going to retire, but if he does, he'll probably still come back and make more records on some old Jay-Z shit.

on some old (blank) shit
by TheMadScientist September 26, 2007
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Old Man, Dad, or Grampa who's loosing it
That old shit can't even wipe his ass anymore!
by NickerDick November 2, 2018
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Old shit: is bringing up something that happened over a week ago into conversation just to make your point or argument valid.
Why fo you have to bring up old shit!
by Coldfeetbindder April 4, 2017
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