A text/chat message conversation initiated by a person (the sender) to multiple parties (the recipients) simultaneously, with every person involved being able to see one another’s personal contact information.

Group texts are appropriate, and even encouraged, when individuals must collaborate on an event or project, of which all are consenting participants.

Initiating a group text to those who have not expressed a desire to be part of said group is a social faux pas for reasons related to privacy.

Often a group text is sent out of a selfish desire for convenience, since it allows the sender to blast every recipient simultaneously. This demonstrates the sender’s thoughtlessness and lack of respect in how they wield the power/privilege that is knowing a person’s private phone number/email address or other contact information. This is especially true when recipients of the group text are not all acquaintances and therefore may not be comfortable with having their personal contact information made available to strangers. This can result in subsequent unwanted messages from unknown senders, including creepers and other undesirables.

Additionally, group texts can quickly turn into an unmanageable nuisance if the group is somewhat large. When assessing an acceptable quantity of persons to include in a group text, consider a size that could comfortably sustain a conversation at a dinner table, while allowing for every member to express themselves and be heard.
Glenn: Chad needs to stop adding me to these group texts. I don’t even know who half these numbers are and I have to deal with the same 3 always blowing up my phone during class with the laughing tears emoji.

Matt: I know man, it’s the worst. It was one thing when we were on a group project. But now it’s all dated memes and conspiracy theories. He has no chill.

Ava: You guys are lucky. Thanks to these blasts, I’ve gotten D pics from 4 randos! I had to block him.
by Sour Pillow Cat March 25, 2021
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a clever and coy way to start a party or see what's going on by texting a large number of people the same message at once; can result in interesting responses if two or more of the recipients are together and the originator is not aware
Matt: What are Tom, Dick and Harry doing tonight?
Bob: Dunno. Let's group text them.
by A Ann November 16, 2007
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An SMS messaging group consisting of 4 homosexual men known as the irons as well as their friends and associates

Also they have big ole long cocks
I put this group text on do not disturb after I saw Norma jeans ass
by Hahdil May 20, 2019
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Anyone unwillingly included in a group text conversation that doesn't pertain to them. Therefore the persons being held "hostage" are subjected to seemingly endless notifications of the group text from people chiming in.
My sleep in this morning was fucked because I was a group text hostage from the people at work.
by cpetkunas July 22, 2017
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When 2 or more people with a group text feature add a person who doesn't and text the shit out of them
Let's group text bomb bobby, he's still has a flip phone
by Louismh08 January 10, 2014
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Someone who is included in a group text but only watches what everyone else says. They never speak to the group only lurk in the shadows and observe.
You ever notice when we’re in group chat how John never contributes anything to the conversation? He’s such a group text creeper!
by Bronson81795 November 9, 2017
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When you and the homies got a group text goin on. But one of the boys lets his girl ready the whole thing and respond back when she feels like.
Man how does this convo keep getting leaked? Its gotta be Keith and his group text groupie of a girl. I know thats not Keith responding. Its gotta be the group text groupie
by Unfollowed February 11, 2020
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