person 1: ay, where you stay at?
person 2: i rep dat waterfront! westside berkeley!
by yay area baby November 6, 2007
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A place in Belfast where teenagers, mainly goths & emo's meet up, usually on a Saturday.
Richard: Goin to Waterfront on Saturday?
James: Yeah bringin vokda?
by MU9P|-| May 9, 2009
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When your girls vagina,say someone named Tracy,smells like dead fish
Dude,I need a chick that doesn’t smell like a waterfront!
by Captain haha March 1, 2020
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Based on the Waterfront in Norwich, however it can be applied anywhere:

This is when the DJ for a themed night (i.e rock/metal/dance etc) plays a few good songs once every 2 hours, the rest is rubbish and appeals only to the fat, ugly and desperate who seem to dominate the dance floor...probably coz no-one wants to go near them.
Metal/Rock Club Night

Me: WTF? The DJ was playing some decent tunes now Dizzee Rascal is on, how is that Metal?

Friend: I know it's soooo Waterfront
by LadyMaliceJade August 11, 2011
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