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A word, that when perfectly placed, is a powerful ally. It's like saying "What the fuck?" when you are completely and utterly dumbfounded by a concept, idea, or situation.
Reno: this chick looks kinda like brittany
Reno: except brittany is way way waaaaaaay hotter than her
Nev: that chick
Nev: no offense
Nev: but she's fuckin hideous
Reno: dude i know lmao
Nev: jesus
Nev: her face
Reno: brittany is like the hot version of that look
Nev: good god
Nev: dude
Reno: that chicks fugly
Nev: i dont see a hot version of that at all
Reno: lmao
Nev: thats like posting a picture of carrot top and saying someone is the "hot version". there is no possible way to concieve of it.
Reno: i knew a girl who thought carrot top was hott
Nev: wat
by Nevandal September 20, 2008
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