to denote that most whites own most of the natural resources in the world even though Asians have the most people.
The statistical nature of wassup will not change in a lot of people’s lifetime.
by Coop Dupe December 15, 2019
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A way of a male or female acknowledging a person as a mate and showing interest.
Dude: Wassup
Female: Wassup
by McDonaldyboi July 24, 2018
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A greeting like β€œhi” or β€œhey”
George: Wassup Johnny! Johnny: Wassup George
by joccelynnc February 27, 2020
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MY dad says wassup to his mom every night on the phone and "Wassup" is not an actual word until NOW!!!
via giphy
by HeyGirlHey1357 January 04, 2021
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I knew by "Wassup?" he didn't mean "What's up." He meant "Get up off that seat, or else."
by Knowledge Boy May 13, 2020
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