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It is a subject that relates a confrontation of a another person ( Family, Friends, Etc..) to you during a personal spoken or activity that involves intimacy or secretive issues (potential trash talking) that are not fixed to leak.
Wassuping is being caught red-handed (Basically)

Example 1: Sexual Activity

Brother 1: Is doing sexual activity
Brother 2: walks in on him
Brother 1: Consecutively says " Wassup wassup wassup, what's going on bro, do you need some help with something?
Brother 2: Slowly walks out of the room, pretending to not notice what has happened.

Example 2:
Friend: Dude, you know that guy that hates gays, well he actually is gay, hahaha.
Buddy: Dude what a faggot he is (friend 2 is his friend).
Friend 2: *suddenly walks in*
Buddy: Hey bro wassup wassup wassup, how long were you here man, i didn't notice you.
by PBWMane September 14, 2016
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