A phrase commonly seen when receiving a verification e-mail from Urban Dictionary. It sucks so bad because you never, ever have any idea why they didn't publish it because they never, ever give you reasons why.
Receives e-mail from UD: "Your definition was not published."

You: "WHY??!?!"

E-mail says: "You can choose to sign up as editor for Urban Dictionary."

by DarthXanax March 8, 2013
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that sad empty feeling you get when you get an email and your briliant definition was not published so you want to go die in a ditch while crying infinitly until you drown in the ditch
my word was not published so now im sad
by rainbowlamb November 2, 2018
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an email you receive from trash asseditors”” that decided not to publish your definition and never tells you why smh
I just got a message saying that my definition was not published again smh
by prinxcess lol March 5, 2020
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Something that's very common to see now because Urban Dictionary clearly uses some weird algorithm that impedes definitions from getting published when there was a time when they used to publish EVERYTHING!

The site is a piece of shit now. Even if it's a G-rated definition, it's still unlikely to get published.
Not published? Fuck you, Urban Dictionary. You're useless now.
by SirFartyFartsalot April 16, 2020
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Something you wouldn't see in your email after publishing an Urban Dictionary Definition and waiting for review. But it's really common to see "Not published", Believe it or not, Urban Dictionary Doesn't like Inappropriate stuff, or should i say, Urban Dick-tionary. Of course, this is not getting published, and if you're reading this off the site That means Urban Dictionary Got pissed off to prove me wrong.
by notpublished October 20, 2017
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When Urban Dictionary tells you that your word has been approved by the editors and published to the site, but you find out that it really hasn't. It leaves you wondering whether it's due to a bug or a bit of good ol' censorship.
My definition of Ziocon was "published" by Urban Dictionary.
by El Oaxuco August 24, 2007
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'______' was not published: the title of a cruel, mocking email you will inevitably receive from Urban Dictionary after spending 30 minutes or more typing up a brilliant definition. They claim other users voted and decided not to publish your word, but really it was a shitty algorithm that only publishes acronyms (eg. 'SIUYA' - 'stick it up your ass')
Me: *painstakingly and eloquently defines 'the meaning of life'
Urban Dictionary: "'the meaning of life'...was not published"
Me: "SIUYA, Urban Dictionary. You've sucked since 2010"
by squiggular September 13, 2020
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