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Something you wouldn't see in your email after publishing an Urban Dictionary Definition and waiting for review. But it's really common to see "Not published", Believe it or not, Urban Dictionary Doesn't like Inappropriate stuff, or should i say, Urban Dick-tionary. Of course, this is not getting published, and if you're reading this off the site That means Urban Dictionary Got pissed off to prove me wrong.
by notpublished October 20, 2017
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-#1 offensive word for edgy 12 year olds.
-80% of the people who use it dont know what it means
-people think its another form of the word "bitch", because it is when someone uses it for rage.
-it actually means a new player. evolution: Rookie-Newbie-newb-noob
-people use it a lot in csgo
*killed by player with #1 rank on leader board*
level 1 player: noob
by notpublished November 24, 2017
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A game played by a minimum of 4 men, its where 3 men or more pull out their dicks, and the other is the judge, the judge stares at their dicks as he swipes through men's nudes, whenever a judge sees a dick move or cum/pee the losing nigga is called gay for a whole month and bisexual for 16 more days.
When you play a game of Dick swipe you know that pee is actually stored in the balls.
by notpublished March 01, 2018
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