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Definitions on that are either
A) Obviously made up
B) Has no place in a normal person's vocab

C) Makes no sense


A) Polarpoint Presentation
B) Pillow Lust
C) Beardo
Urban Dick-tionary
by MirrorssrorriM March 22, 2011
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What urban dictionary should be renamed to, as most of the site's definitions directly pertain to or allude to sexual affairs.
My parents never gave me a talk about the birds and the bees, so I went on instead.
by Katsu March 25, 2005
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When the people that "approve" the definitions of don't approve your clever submissions.
I wrote a common slang that is used in my area and the urban dicktionary didn't approve it.
by Jessica smackdown March 05, 2008
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Urban dicktionary with a penis on it. Putting a k in urbandictionary. Perhaps the funniest play on words ever!
When you spell urbandictionary U R B A N D I C K T I O N A R Y it looks like urbanpenisary. I looked up urban dicktionary in urbandictionary.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 11, 2017
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What urbandictionary has mutated into- a bunch of angsty teens and haters whining about crap.
Dude 1: Where'd you hear that about Asians?

Dude 2: Urbandictionary. Isn't it funny how they can't pronounce their Ls?

Dude 1: Fuck that. That's prejudiced and not true. No wonder you heard it from urban dicktionary.
by That_Guy_Who_Exists May 31, 2009
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A person who constantly references Urban Dictionary definitions and will accept anything there as fact, usually in a bit of a douchebag manner. He constantly tells his friends to look up things there and will even masturbate to Urban Dictionary on occasion.
Urban Dick-tionary: Hey dudes, whatcha up to?
Al: Just discussing the Coriolis Force with Francis.
Urban Dick-tionary: Oh, well on Urban Dicktionary it says the Coriolis Force is caused by different toilet designs between the hemispheres. Cool, huh?
Francis: God, what an Urban Dick-tionary...
by Nora Hemmingwurst April 06, 2012
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