This is a Halo term, meaning a wharthog lacking a turret, these are usually found in campaign, or done by a glitch. The only purpose of having one is the fact that noobs heavily avoid this, as if their life depended on it.
PRO 1: "Hey, lets use tat's mods like consumer whores to get a Neutered warthog on our map so no people cheat."
NOOB: "HELL NO I need mah gauss cuz the game is g@y withoutz it because they is MLGEEEEEEEEEEE."
PRO: "Why did I add you?"
by tat 1 dude July 21, 2010
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High grade marijuana known as African Warthog. Worth about fifteen US dollars a gram, this cannabis is extremely strong when it comes to the high and the odor. It is rare to find on the streets, for it is usually sold in great quantities.

This strong cannabis was first grown by a man referred to as Pumba. He named the weed after himself thus, African Warthog, enlightened by the movie The Lion King.
African Warthog
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 24, 2010
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An insult especially for people who act like total morons.
Credits to Wesley from the movie Princess Bride
Girl 1: whoops I spilt coke on your essay
Girl 2: You warthog-faced buffoon!
by Samantha Felicia Rose July 20, 2015
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Sadness when somone needlessly abuses a Warthog Jeep and causes pointless damage to said vehicle. Warthogs appear in the game Halo (and now Halo 2)
Tom: Watch what happens when i set all the granades under the Jeep.
Me: Poor Old Warthog.
by Brendan Gallagher November 16, 2004
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The combination of two players (one driver, one manning the machine gun) driving the Warthog (Jeep-like vehicle) while playing multiplayer HALO for the XBOX.
It's time for the Warthog of Justice to kick some ass!
by Phil Reese July 28, 2003
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A domestic cum drinking animal of the Savannah.
A cum sucking warthog can be found in the Savannah. Cum-sucking warthogs prefer to be nocturnal, because at night is when you can rape all dem babies.
by VirtualFlames June 5, 2016
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When a male moons someone and performs the following actions
1.) Tucking their genitalia between their legs and thus towards the buttcrack (Also known as a Fruitbasket)
2.) Pressing the whole shabang (while bent over) against a pane of glass thus achieving a "Pressed Rat and Warthog"

I.E. Exactly the same as a Fruit Basket but pressed against a pane of glass
Yeah, at first I was just going to moon Larry but I decided to give 'im the old Pressed Rat and Warthog on his driver side window.
by Curtis Baby September 17, 2006
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